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Alyssa Bell

lMSW, mental health therapist

Alyssa began her undergraduate career studying interior design, until she took her first Psychology 101 course, and promptly changed her major. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor's degree in Psychological Sciences and a minor in Business Management. She has gone on to receive her master's degree in Social Work from Boise State University. 


While Alyssa still enjoys the creative arts and design, and acknowledges the impact physical spaces have on people, her focus has turned towards working on the internal spaces- that of the mind and body.  


In the last 4 years, Alyssa has worked within the field of human rights education, creating trainings for a variety of audiences and managing community programs, she  has worked with families and individuals experiencing houselessness, children and adolescents with intellectual/developmental disabilities and severe mental illness. She has also worked with military veterans, providing group and individual therapy. These experiences have led Alyssa to develop skills in crisis intervention, navigating community resources, trauma-informed care, and the ability to build psychologically safe spaces for clients. 


Outside of the office, Alyssa enjoys the great outdoors, hiking her favorite trails, playing volleyball, and experimenting with new hobbies. Her most recent hobby has included taking salsa and bachata classes at a local dance studio. She loves the connections and friendships she makes when trying new things and experiencing all that Idaho and beyond has to offer.  

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