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Alicia has a passion for all things creative; from creating novelties with yarn, to pictures in the air with dance, to helping those around her create better lives. She's a certified yarn expert (yes, an actual title you can earn a certification for). Alicia used her time instructing at Michael's not only to equip people with a new skill set in crafting, but also the development of coping mechanisms and connection.

Alicia has spent years pursuing her passion for dance working as a dance instructor at Idaho Rhythm, where she has prioritized supporting children and adults in finding the learning style which excels their growth as dancers and growth of self - esteem. Above all else, Alicia wants to help people create and build better lives for themselves. With an emphasized study in eating disorders and self - image, Alicia was selected for the NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) walk keynote speaker. Alicia believes that once we are able to recognize and celebrate who we are, we no longer worry as much about who we're not.

Alicia holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology, as well as a minor in dance from Boise State University. Alicia loves adventures to find the magic in the everyday with her favorite adventure partner, her husband . On her time off, you'll find her at artisan coffee shops, reading, or spending time with the Lord and her beloved family.

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