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Noble Intent was created with the intention of offering an “out-of-the-box” approach to the traditional methods of service delivery for treating mental health. ​Our philosophy is to treat each individual in a holistic manner, to involve families and other trusted adults as much as possible if not contraindicated, and to encourage healthy living by creating opportunities for our clients to participate as fully as possible in our communities.

Get to Know Us

a different approach to mental health and wellness


       Noble Intent offers unique approaches to mental health treatment. We offer both traditional and contemporary mental health therapy services to individuals of all ages, provided by our professional staff of counselors and social workers trained in the most innovative modalities.
       Our community based mental health services allow clients to learn and apply mental health related skills in real-life settings. This community-based approach to holistic mental health care encourages healthy living by creating opportunities for you to become involved in your community, build support networks, and work towards mental health goals in an encouraging environment.

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